Malazar D'Vowen

A Human Male, of average build, in his early thirties, and an artificer of great skill.


Malazar, a a scion of House Cannith, and being born with the Mark of Making upon his right shoulder, was destined to become an artificer before he could walk.
He trained in a small forge outside of Wroat, and, as a young man, was called to serve in the Last War as a battlefield medic and engineer with one of the many mercenary companies.
It was here that he met with a Cyrean Wizard named Berren, and a Psion named Shinarae, together they served in the siege of Araldusk, a brutal battle that concluded with a stalemate shortly after the day of mourning.

After the war, the trio encountered a warforged with a single eye, and a singular personality, the jailor of one of the local prisons who found himself suddenly unemployed once all the POW’s were returned to their homes named The Warden, and a bard, whose true name, to this day, he was never sure of – it later turned out that the bard was a changeling, and seemed to use a number of aliases.
Together, they travelled Khorvare, encountering Emerald Claw agents attempting to steal a number of Schemas. During their travels, the mysterious bard, and Shinarae were killed, and Berren was taken prisoner, eventually being returned, but changed – he decided to take his own path shortly after. After seeing that the Emerald Claw seemed to be working towards something, Malazar and The Warden were approached by Merrix D’Cannith, he decided that House Cannith needed a team to help protect their interests in Sharn. With King Borenal’s permission, a covert agency was formed, with Malazar at it’s head, to combat the Emerald Claw, and thwart their plans in Sharn, and throughout Breland.

Malazar began recruiting adventurers to track down and investigate the Emerald Claw’s activities, and eventually discovered a plot that seemed to indicate that King Kaius of Karrnath’s life was in danger…

Malazar D'Vowen

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