It is the year 1001, Six years since the end of the Last War, a destructive conflict that shattered the old Kingdom of Galifar apart, and changed the face of the world. The once mighty kingdom became the five nations: Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath and Thrane. Each ruled by a member of the royal family of Galifar, each vying for control of the old empire. However, as the war dragged on, the nations became distinct, and eventually, as the last war reached it’s height, the day of mourning tore Cyre apart. A mysterious blast of arcane power lit up the skies, and a deathly wind howled across the lands.
When the dust settled, a dull grey mist lay across Cyre, sapping the life force from any foolish enough to enter. An entire nation wiped out in an instant by powers unknown. In the wake of this tragedy, the war quickly ground down into a stalemate as the horror of what had happened settled in the minds of the remaining nations. The desire to keep fighting waned, and eventually the treaty of Thronehold brought the war to an end.

Since the war ended, the outlawed Order of the Emerald Claw have become ever more active, and each attack is bolder than the last. They were blamed with the destruction of the spire of Morgrave university, and several other attacks in the city of Sharn.
Recently, at a ball in the city, the a group of masked individuals attacked a party of Karnathi dignitaries, including the king’s advisor, Kalludram, and the king’s sister, Haydlith. A group of adventurers managed to drive off or kill the attackers, and protect the king’s advisor, however, they were unable to protect his sister, and she was slain. Much gossip has spread regarding the incident, and stories of the adventurers have spread with the talk of this event, though noone seems to know who they are, some believe them to be associated with House Cannith – perhaps house guards protecting Merrix D’Cannith, who is said to have also been present.
You were recently contacted by a man calling himself The Tailor of Sharn, a man who has been tasked with hunting and destroying the Emerald Claw here in Sharn, and throughout Khorvare. He has information for you, and wishes to offer you a job, and has asked you to meet one of his opperatives in the Rusty Anvil, an inn located near the Cannith forgehold in Sharn.

The Tailor of Sharn 4E

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