The Tailor of Sharn 4E

Dity of the Dead

Upon returning to Sharn, the players have encountered a new party member, a Paladin of the Silver Flame, hired by Malazar for her “Unique skills”, named Cordiana, and were immediately tasked with discovering more about the strange goings on in Sharn’s City of the Dead, people have been going missing in the neighboring districts, and the abductors are rumoured to be warforged.

After investigating the area, the group are able to stake out a group of houses suspected to be the ones that the abductors were using, and after a while, a group of robed figures emerged. One was revealed to be a Wight, the others, were something the party were not expecting – Warforged, but not. These Warforged were already dead, reanimated by some magic they were not familiar with, magic that broke the normal rules associated with Warforged. Upon inspection of the corpses, Moriarty had a flash of an image, a dragonmark, one he remembered from rumours, from history, the Mark of Death. The dragonmark of the extinct house of Vol.

Delving deeper into the house’s basement levels, it was discovered that a small armoury, and laboratories had been built – stores for a small army, and the corpses to create such an army. Bodies of dead people taken from the graves of the City of the Dead, and kidnapped from the streets of sharn, as well as warforged being twisted into the “Deathforged” by powers bestowed by the Blood of Vol. Their leader, a female vampire, revealed that this was only one such army being raised in Sharn, and that their goal was to eliminate Breland’s army, the Dark Lanterns, and the “Traitors of Cannith”, so that the “Corpse-King” would stand alone against their retribution.

Smoking Out The Ziggurat

A bloodied journal is found amongst the slain Paladin Karantor’s possessions, picked up by the Warforged, Tool. These are the entries found in the journal since the last ones:

We continued our foray into the undercity and scouted a ziggurat in the distance. We were at a crossroads and decided to explore the other ways around first, one heading towards a building of sorts, along a rarely, but recently, traveled road judging by the ground, and another heading towards an underground lake.

Deciding between us, we decided to head towards the lake and found an encampment that seemed to have been used by the Emerald Claw incursion. Here we found a few demons feasting on the corpses of the party, which attacked us. They were no grave threat and we took care of them relatively fast. We found nothing worth of note in the encampment.

Moving back to the crossroads we decided to go the other path towards the building. Apparently Thun had been down here, as we found a message from him as well as some items he had left for us that might be of use.

Once again, heading back to the crossroads, we headed back to the crossroads and set out towards the ziggurat.

This is seemingly the last entry in the journal, and the rest of the pages are blank, with a bit of blood splattered across it.

A Meeting With a Giant - Part 2

- From the journal of Karantor, Paladin of Dol Arrah.

On opening the door, we found a huge construction of a forge, and an equally tall fire giant. We gripped our weapons, but before we could unsheathe them, the fire giant greeted us and introduced himself as Thun, the last guardian of the forge.

Through our conversation with him, we learned that he was the last of the giants descended from the great empire that lives here, and that he was using the forge to build constructs to prevent demons from Khyber to wash over the surface of Khorvaire. We also learned that a group of Emerald Claw agents had been here for the same thing as why we’re here – the schema for a power core powerful enough to fuel the titan they were attempting to build.

When we had finished speaking with him, he offered his services of himself and the forge, so that we could get items crafted with the residuum we had gotten from the Rust Monster earlier. With this, Thun crafted Tool a new dagger component, and as such he was complete again.

We departed from Thun and the forge and set off to the floor above with the strange wall, which the giant had explained was indeed a door, which only he could open. Now open, we moved down through a stairwell and arrived at the ruins of a subterranean city, likely the city the giants lived in here, while their empire was at its prime.

Barely having taken a step in the city, we were set upon by what looked like snakes, only made in iron. It was likely that these were some of the constructs Thun had created, but which had been re-programmed to serve the demons. While they were defeated, it did take a toll on the party, and we had a short rest before continuing.

Moving into the ruins a little further, we heard a cry for help. Honor-bound to help, I – Karantor – ran to assist the cry. We found another traveler sat against one of the walls, stating she was wounded. She said her name was Inayah, and I assumed she was with the Emerald Claw expedition. I examined her, but was not able to directly find anything wrong, but demons have all manner of curses, and thought little of it.

Our shifter, Fang, was consistently mumbling something under his breath that we should leave or kill her, something that had long bothered me, when trying to negotiate peaceful outcomes. Ordering him to accept help her and refusing was the last drop, and in somewhat of a fit of rage, I charged at him and smacked him over the head with my hammer, hoping it would put him in his place. There was no time for more debate after this as we, once again, found us beset by enemies.

This time, it looked more like ghouls than anything, though they had an eerie chill about them. It would soon show that they were indeed enchanted

Unfortunately, it seemed that I, and by extension, the group, had indeed been lured into a trap. It became apparent that Inayah was in fact a succubus when she attacked us, and was leading the flock of ghouls.

Tool quickly managed to dispose of the succubus with a few lucky blows, and we finished off the ghouls with some difficulty. Combined with the fight from the cobras, this left us exhausted and we decided to set up camp for the night.

A Meeting With a Giant - Part 1

- From the journal of Karantor, Paladin of Dol Arrah.

Following the fight with the Gelatinous Cube, we found a hidden room which had clearly been used as a place to rest by a previous adventuring party. We decided to spend some time resting here, unaware of the time it would be outside. Tool placed himself by the door to guard the rest of us, which was a decision that would choose to pay off.

During our sleep, I was awakened by a summing or vibrating noise. Having a look through my backpack, I found the box that my sending stone was in, the box which Malazar had given me. Opening the box, and staying quiet, I could hear the voice of Ethan, as well as another familiar one. It turned out to be Adviser Kaludram. He scolded Ethan for using the sending stone as he was aware one of the ones that were paired with it had been taken by the “enemy”.

The volume of the stone was quite loud as it had woken up the other group members. Just at this time, a skittering sound could be heard against the door. Tool got ready for what it was, but instead the sound stopped. Now, instead of a skittering sound, a hissing sound could be heard, and the hinges on the door melted, and the door collapsed in. Tool dodged out of the way, only to be faced by a Rust Monster.

Taking to arms and positioning ourselves, we rushed into the fight only to find another three creatures approach. Realizing the rushed manner in which the Rust Monster had barged into the room, we assumed it was fleeing from the skeletons. This turned out to be true, when the skeletons attempted to attack the monster.

The fight went on for some time, but both the monster and the skeletons were eventually defeated, though at somewhat of a cost; Tool’s dagger component had been dissolved by the rust monster, and he had to resort to firing the re-purposed drill laser for the later part of the encounter.

Now properly awake, we decided to head onwards and continue exploring. We came across a strange wall, that seemed “off”, but we were not able to gauge exactly what. Our Artificer, Moriarty, spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out its purpose, but with no luck. Fang, our shifter, went onwards to find another door, and an entrance downwards. We followed him and was present with a new challenge.

In the next room, we saw three statues and two pillars, as well as an enormous door, which seemed incredibly shut. Tool attempted to figure out exactly how the locking mechanism work and concluded that not he, nor any man, would be able to twist the cogwheels that controlled the door and that it would not be possible to be forced.

On the two nearest statues, two bows hung – one on a statue with a snowflake, and the other on one with a flame. On the middle was a targeting circle, one that archers would use, and two arrows pointing away from it. Tool mentioned seeing two gemstones on the far door, matching the colours of the flame and the snowflake.

After a bit of thinking, we figured that the arrows would have to hit the gemstones, but in which order? We experimented for quite some shots, and thankfully the arrows only fell to the ground instead of shattering. Following the many shots, we managed to get one gemstone to light up, but then grow dim and we figured that they would have to be activated on the same time. Tool and myself lined up, took aim and fired, our arrows ricocheting and meeting midair only to hit the gemstones at the exact same time. The two stones grew extremely bright, and the door started opening…

Shoot the Messenger part 2 - The runaway train

With the job accepted, and the sealed scroll case in hand, the adventurers set off towards the Lightning rail station in Sharn, after passing through a market square, they noticed that the streets were suddenly quiet, and that the stalls and shops were closed on this side street – their growing unease was well justified as a gang of street-thugs blocks their path.
The thugs were little challenge for well-equipped adventurers, though there were a large number of them.
Karantor decided to take one of them alive and interrogate him, however, the terrified Halfling was only able to reveal that he was a street thug, and that they had just wanted the adventurers’ money. Unconvinced, Karantor was taken aside while Fang and Tool tried to get more from him. This ended in the hapless thief being killed along with his friends. Karantor wanted to report this to the City watch, and it seemed he was about to get his chance, when a distant whistle blew – the Watch were already on their way.
Knowing that the situation looked bad, the party fled, they needed to reach Karrnath as soon as possible, and couldn’t afford the delay of being arrested.

The players eventually managed to escape, and made it to the train on time, however, they were hardly free and clear. During the journey, just after passing Araldusk, the train came under attack, explosions burst throughout the train, and silent killers stalked the carriages – Karrnathi Skeletons had been unleashed to slay the messengers, and almost succeeded, the brutal creatures heavily wounding several members of the party.
Once the undead were dispatched – thanks in no small part to Karantor’s divine powers, the party headed towards the front of the train. Here the extent of the damage was revealed, several of the bindings holding the elementals that powered the lightning rail had been damaged, alowing some of the creatures to escape – the explosions apparently were small devices designed for this task.
The elementals were trying to break through to the crew compartment, however, the daggers of Tool, and the bow of Luthien proved just as effective against Elementals as they had against those of this plane. The crew informed the party that the train guards had been mostly overcome, however, those that were left had cornered the individuals responsible for this incident in the rear passenger compartment, and that they needed help.

Shoot The Messenger

You were recently contacted by a man calling himself The Tailor of Sharn, a man who has been tasked with hunting and destroying the Emerald Claw here in Sharn, and throughout Khorvare. He has information for you, and wishes to offer you a job, and has asked you to meet one of his opperatives in the Rusty Anvil, an inn located near the Cannith forgehold in Sharn.

At the appointed time, a large Warforged enters the inn, across his back is a large, heavy looking blade of obsidian, and in the centre of his forehead is a single red eye. Following him is an unusual sight – a pair of lizardfolk, carrying assorted knives and other blades.
The Warforged approaches your table without hesitation, and seats himself before you.
“I am The Warden. I have been sent by The Tailor to offer you all a job.”
“Recently, attacks in the city have been increasing, and you no doubt have heard of the assassination of Haydlith, sister to King Kaius of Karrnath. Our opperatives were there to rescue the king’s advisor, however, they were unable to protect his sister. We tracked the assassins to a brothel which they were using as a front, and eliminated them, however, it was revealed that Haydlith was not the only target – We fear that the King himself is in danger.”
“The Tailor wishes to offer you a job: Go to Karrnath, warn the king, and hunt down the other Emerald Claw assassins. I have here a sealed document with evidence for the king, this should help you to convince him of the danger.”
“Of course, you will be compensated, Upon delivery, we will send a credit slip to your house Kundarak account.”

The party, consisting of Karantor, Tool, Fang, Luthien and Moriarty reluctantly accept the job, Moriarty confidently claiming that “It’s just a delivery, how hard could it be?”. Karantor, however, had his doubts – as a Paladin, he felt uneasy about working for a clandestine organisation – even one claiming to have honourable intentions and goals.
This is the first adventure in the campaign, starting at level 4, it follows on indirectly from events in a previous campaign that ended in Having A Ball


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