The Tailor of Sharn 4E

Smoking Out The Ziggurat

A bloodied journal is found amongst the slain Paladin Karantor’s possessions, picked up by the Warforged, Tool. These are the entries found in the journal since the last ones:

We continued our foray into the undercity and scouted a ziggurat in the distance. We were at a crossroads and decided to explore the other ways around first, one heading towards a building of sorts, along a rarely, but recently, traveled road judging by the ground, and another heading towards an underground lake.

Deciding between us, we decided to head towards the lake and found an encampment that seemed to have been used by the Emerald Claw incursion. Here we found a few demons feasting on the corpses of the party, which attacked us. They were no grave threat and we took care of them relatively fast. We found nothing worth of note in the encampment.

Moving back to the crossroads we decided to go the other path towards the building. Apparently Thun had been down here, as we found a message from him as well as some items he had left for us that might be of use.

Once again, heading back to the crossroads, we headed back to the crossroads and set out towards the ziggurat.

This is seemingly the last entry in the journal, and the rest of the pages are blank, with a bit of blood splattered across it.



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