The Tailor of Sharn 4E

Shoot the Messenger part 2 - The runaway train

With the job accepted, and the sealed scroll case in hand, the adventurers set off towards the Lightning rail station in Sharn, after passing through a market square, they noticed that the streets were suddenly quiet, and that the stalls and shops were closed on this side street – their growing unease was well justified as a gang of street-thugs blocks their path.
The thugs were little challenge for well-equipped adventurers, though there were a large number of them.
Karantor decided to take one of them alive and interrogate him, however, the terrified Halfling was only able to reveal that he was a street thug, and that they had just wanted the adventurers’ money. Unconvinced, Karantor was taken aside while Fang and Tool tried to get more from him. This ended in the hapless thief being killed along with his friends. Karantor wanted to report this to the City watch, and it seemed he was about to get his chance, when a distant whistle blew – the Watch were already on their way.
Knowing that the situation looked bad, the party fled, they needed to reach Karrnath as soon as possible, and couldn’t afford the delay of being arrested.

The players eventually managed to escape, and made it to the train on time, however, they were hardly free and clear. During the journey, just after passing Araldusk, the train came under attack, explosions burst throughout the train, and silent killers stalked the carriages – Karrnathi Skeletons had been unleashed to slay the messengers, and almost succeeded, the brutal creatures heavily wounding several members of the party.
Once the undead were dispatched – thanks in no small part to Karantor’s divine powers, the party headed towards the front of the train. Here the extent of the damage was revealed, several of the bindings holding the elementals that powered the lightning rail had been damaged, alowing some of the creatures to escape – the explosions apparently were small devices designed for this task.
The elementals were trying to break through to the crew compartment, however, the daggers of Tool, and the bow of Luthien proved just as effective against Elementals as they had against those of this plane. The crew informed the party that the train guards had been mostly overcome, however, those that were left had cornered the individuals responsible for this incident in the rear passenger compartment, and that they needed help.



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