The Tailor of Sharn 4E

Shoot The Messenger

You were recently contacted by a man calling himself The Tailor of Sharn, a man who has been tasked with hunting and destroying the Emerald Claw here in Sharn, and throughout Khorvare. He has information for you, and wishes to offer you a job, and has asked you to meet one of his opperatives in the Rusty Anvil, an inn located near the Cannith forgehold in Sharn.

At the appointed time, a large Warforged enters the inn, across his back is a large, heavy looking blade of obsidian, and in the centre of his forehead is a single red eye. Following him is an unusual sight – a pair of lizardfolk, carrying assorted knives and other blades.
The Warforged approaches your table without hesitation, and seats himself before you.
“I am The Warden. I have been sent by The Tailor to offer you all a job.”
“Recently, attacks in the city have been increasing, and you no doubt have heard of the assassination of Haydlith, sister to King Kaius of Karrnath. Our opperatives were there to rescue the king’s advisor, however, they were unable to protect his sister. We tracked the assassins to a brothel which they were using as a front, and eliminated them, however, it was revealed that Haydlith was not the only target – We fear that the King himself is in danger.”
“The Tailor wishes to offer you a job: Go to Karrnath, warn the king, and hunt down the other Emerald Claw assassins. I have here a sealed document with evidence for the king, this should help you to convince him of the danger.”
“Of course, you will be compensated, Upon delivery, we will send a credit slip to your house Kundarak account.”

The party, consisting of Karantor, Tool, Fang, Luthien and Moriarty reluctantly accept the job, Moriarty confidently claiming that “It’s just a delivery, how hard could it be?”. Karantor, however, had his doubts – as a Paladin, he felt uneasy about working for a clandestine organisation – even one claiming to have honourable intentions and goals.
This is the first adventure in the campaign, starting at level 4, it follows on indirectly from events in a previous campaign that ended in Having A Ball



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