The Tailor of Sharn 4E

Dity of the Dead

Upon returning to Sharn, the players have encountered a new party member, a Paladin of the Silver Flame, hired by Malazar for her “Unique skills”, named Cordiana, and were immediately tasked with discovering more about the strange goings on in Sharn’s City of the Dead, people have been going missing in the neighboring districts, and the abductors are rumoured to be warforged.

After investigating the area, the group are able to stake out a group of houses suspected to be the ones that the abductors were using, and after a while, a group of robed figures emerged. One was revealed to be a Wight, the others, were something the party were not expecting – Warforged, but not. These Warforged were already dead, reanimated by some magic they were not familiar with, magic that broke the normal rules associated with Warforged. Upon inspection of the corpses, Moriarty had a flash of an image, a dragonmark, one he remembered from rumours, from history, the Mark of Death. The dragonmark of the extinct house of Vol.

Delving deeper into the house’s basement levels, it was discovered that a small armoury, and laboratories had been built – stores for a small army, and the corpses to create such an army. Bodies of dead people taken from the graves of the City of the Dead, and kidnapped from the streets of sharn, as well as warforged being twisted into the “Deathforged” by powers bestowed by the Blood of Vol. Their leader, a female vampire, revealed that this was only one such army being raised in Sharn, and that their goal was to eliminate Breland’s army, the Dark Lanterns, and the “Traitors of Cannith”, so that the “Corpse-King” would stand alone against their retribution.



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