The Tailor of Sharn 4E

A Meeting With a Giant - Part 2

- From the journal of Karantor, Paladin of Dol Arrah.

On opening the door, we found a huge construction of a forge, and an equally tall fire giant. We gripped our weapons, but before we could unsheathe them, the fire giant greeted us and introduced himself as Thun, the last guardian of the forge.

Through our conversation with him, we learned that he was the last of the giants descended from the great empire that lives here, and that he was using the forge to build constructs to prevent demons from Khyber to wash over the surface of Khorvaire. We also learned that a group of Emerald Claw agents had been here for the same thing as why we’re here – the schema for a power core powerful enough to fuel the titan they were attempting to build.

When we had finished speaking with him, he offered his services of himself and the forge, so that we could get items crafted with the residuum we had gotten from the Rust Monster earlier. With this, Thun crafted Tool a new dagger component, and as such he was complete again.

We departed from Thun and the forge and set off to the floor above with the strange wall, which the giant had explained was indeed a door, which only he could open. Now open, we moved down through a stairwell and arrived at the ruins of a subterranean city, likely the city the giants lived in here, while their empire was at its prime.

Barely having taken a step in the city, we were set upon by what looked like snakes, only made in iron. It was likely that these were some of the constructs Thun had created, but which had been re-programmed to serve the demons. While they were defeated, it did take a toll on the party, and we had a short rest before continuing.

Moving into the ruins a little further, we heard a cry for help. Honor-bound to help, I – Karantor – ran to assist the cry. We found another traveler sat against one of the walls, stating she was wounded. She said her name was Inayah, and I assumed she was with the Emerald Claw expedition. I examined her, but was not able to directly find anything wrong, but demons have all manner of curses, and thought little of it.

Our shifter, Fang, was consistently mumbling something under his breath that we should leave or kill her, something that had long bothered me, when trying to negotiate peaceful outcomes. Ordering him to accept help her and refusing was the last drop, and in somewhat of a fit of rage, I charged at him and smacked him over the head with my hammer, hoping it would put him in his place. There was no time for more debate after this as we, once again, found us beset by enemies.

This time, it looked more like ghouls than anything, though they had an eerie chill about them. It would soon show that they were indeed enchanted

Unfortunately, it seemed that I, and by extension, the group, had indeed been lured into a trap. It became apparent that Inayah was in fact a succubus when she attacked us, and was leading the flock of ghouls.

Tool quickly managed to dispose of the succubus with a few lucky blows, and we finished off the ghouls with some difficulty. Combined with the fight from the cobras, this left us exhausted and we decided to set up camp for the night.



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